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Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day From Stylish Vintage Living!

Valentine’s Day is the time to show our love, whether it's in an affectionate or romantic way. Valentine’s cards are exchanged with sentimental, funny verses as an expression of friendship and love. Gifts can be as simple as a rose or as extravagant as diamonds, but whatever you choose, the sentiment is what counts. Whatever your plans are, here are some fun Valentine’s Day facts to share with your friends:

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, the name day of two saints and the holiday is widely accepted as the time to exchange messages of love and devotion in the spirit of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers.

The red rose has long been considered the flower of love and was said to be the favorite flower of the Goddess of Love - Venus. Of course, there is more to Valentine’s Day than just roses. In Denmark, it is traditional to exchange white snowdrop flowers.

Even if you are currently single, it’s okay to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day and many singles celebrate the day with a special treat, flowers or a trip to the spa!

Some great ways to spoil yourself on Valentine’s Day include:

Go shopping and buy something you really want!

Take a day off and just lounge around the house.

Go to the spa for a full body massage.

Get a manicure AND a pedicure, followed by lunch with a friend.

Whatever you do, have fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day From StylishVintage Living!