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Friday 28 March 2014

April Showers - Vintage Flowers: What's Growing In Your Garden?

Being on the verge of April, most of us are longing for spring and planning our gardens. If you love all things vintage there's no reason to limit your style to indoors only - let your vintage style show out in your garden!

Along with an assortment of vintage planters, antique vases, tin water cans, wheel barrels and containers, you can also dress up your yard and garden with flowers. Even if you don't have a lot of space, you can share your love of nostalgia with cascading hanging baskets and flower pots on your doorstep.

You can also add vintage style by choosing from an assortment of old fashion flowers. Think back to grandma's garden for some great ideas or choose from our list:

Heirloom Roses

Sweet William


Happy Spring from Stylish Vintage Living!
Friday 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day From Stylish Vintage Living!

Valentine’s Day is the time to show our love, whether it's in an affectionate or romantic way. Valentine’s cards are exchanged with sentimental, funny verses as an expression of friendship and love. Gifts can be as simple as a rose or as extravagant as diamonds, but whatever you choose, the sentiment is what counts. Whatever your plans are, here are some fun Valentine’s Day facts to share with your friends:

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, the name day of two saints and the holiday is widely accepted as the time to exchange messages of love and devotion in the spirit of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers.

The red rose has long been considered the flower of love and was said to be the favorite flower of the Goddess of Love - Venus. Of course, there is more to Valentine’s Day than just roses. In Denmark, it is traditional to exchange white snowdrop flowers.

Even if you are currently single, it’s okay to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day and many singles celebrate the day with a special treat, flowers or a trip to the spa!

Some great ways to spoil yourself on Valentine’s Day include:

Go shopping and buy something you really want!

Take a day off and just lounge around the house.

Go to the spa for a full body massage.

Get a manicure AND a pedicure, followed by lunch with a friend.

Whatever you do, have fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day From StylishVintage Living!

Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Story Behind The Beer Cans: A Glimpse Inside the World of the Vintage Painter

Beer Can Collection - Get Your Limited Edition Print Today!

Enjoy artist Chrissy Mount Kapp`s retelling of the story behind her the original Beer Can Collection painting.

In Chrissy`s words: I see something more than oil and canvas. I see history, culture, family and my mother.

Reading about the circumstances surrounding the painting`s creation gives a fascinating glimpse into the mind of an artist and shows the emotion, heart and soul behind some of these outstanding works of art!

Enjoy Chrissy`s story here.
Sunday 9 February 2014

Our Partner - The Vintage Painter - Has a New Website!

Our partner, the talented artist, Chrissy Mount Kapp - The Vintage Painter has a new website. Check out the work of award-winning artist and save with our special Vintage Painter 10% Code: SVL022014
Chrissy Mount Kapp is known for her Vintage and Americana themed oil paintings, private commissions, custom murals and fine art prints. 
Chrissy says: "I am often asked, “What is your inspiration for using vintage photography in your paintings?”

Painting from photos is nothing new; many artists have done it. What is different and unique is what I see and how I interpret each picture. I am not just painting directly what is in the picture; I pick and choose what I feel is important to tell the story. This would include choosing more playful colors or giving my paintings a historical feel.

I love storytelling and history. I am fascinated by the American Dream. I seek to portray that dream in my paintings. I want to show how our past generations achieved their dreams.

My favorite paintings include working class people at everyday jobs. I also find vintage signage very appealing.

I started out using family photos. In the process of tracing my roots, I was struck by the scenes of the 1930s. I found one of my grandmother, Elizabeth Pritchard, in a waitress uniform, standing in front of a café with a sign that read “Regular Dinner.” It was appealing because I had been a waitress, and I wanted to know, what is a “Regular Dinner”?

Through the years, many people have generously donated their family photos to me, especially as I travel across the Midwest doing shows. I have also done several commissions including two paintings for the Iowa State Bank, in Urbandale Iowa.

I have a story and a history for every painting I put my paintbrush to. Just ask!"
Friday 7 February 2014

The Vintage Painter: Christine Mount Kapp

The Vintage Painter - Award-winning artist, Chrissy Mount Kapp
Award-winning artist, Christine Mount Kapp was born in Minneapolis MN, and grew up in the Apple Valley. She discovered her love of vintage and Americana at a young age while climbing around her grandfather's junk yard outside of Minneapolis.

Much of her portraiture is based on an appreciation of geneaology and history. These interests combined to fuel her vision of painting vintage and Americana themes. 

Chrissy's painting, Beer Can Collection is a still life with a pop-art background. This iconic painting is based on the artist's brother's 1960/70s beer can collection of 500 cans. Chrissy picked eleven beer cans from his collection that she remembers the adults, from her childhood, drinking.

Christine's nostalgic Farm Boys painting features two brothers playing with a stick while a typical red dairy barn sits in the background.

Working The Fields is another one of Chrissy's paintings and shows farmers working the fields while a windmill stands as a silent sentry in the background. This is a framed sepia painting in a custom handcrafted barnwood frame.

More of Chrissy Mount Kapp's work can be enjoyed at TheVintagePainter.com
Monday 2 December 2013

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Thursday 28 November 2013

A Thanksgiving Surprise

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Stylish Vintage Living - Are You Ready for a Surprise?

Then check our our Holiday Gift from Us to You - Available from November 28 - December 2, 2013!

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